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How to grow asparagus in your garden.

How to grow asparagus in your home garden? Here are our top 5 tips on growing this tasty veggie 1. Why? Asparagus is super easy to grow, high in potassium, great for fibre, low in salt, and totally delicious! They’re also well known “prebiotics” – food for your gut bugs.[…]

Yoghurt – in 5 easy steps

It’s 44C in the shade today – the perfect temperature to set yoghurt.  But not so great for being outside. So let’s stay inside, make our yoghurt, then set it outside. Win! I was lucky enough to learn this technique from the very clever David Asher. David’s one of the[…]

Christmas Kraut – a gift to your gut health

Everybody’s yakking on about gut health, fermented food and the microbiome. If you have nooooo idea what they’re talking about, have a bit of a read here and then come back, OK? Gut Health: In the words of that guru of guts Dr Michael Mosley ” Your gut is astonishingly[…]

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