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Sustainability at Girragirra Green Living


Our clever architects at Environa Studio designed the retreat to last a very long time, delivering maximum comfort, low maintenance and minimal environmental impact. Solar passive design principles ensure the house is warm in winter and cool in summer. A 10KW solar array produces way more energy than we use and Solar hydronic hot water / underfloor heating is a big energy saver. Cross flow ventilation,loads of insulation and double glazing deliver year ’round thermal comfort. A “big lid” collects around 200,000L of pure rain water for our tanks making the house totally self sufficient for water.


A massive old River Red Gum found felled nearby was milled onsite by Justin and Kim and gives the house heart as beautiful doors, tables, bench tops, window sills and stools. The iron cladding came off an old factory – screw holes and all! Very old timbers we salvaged from derelict local woolsheds form the carport screens, courtyard doors and luggage racks.Paints and other surface finishes were chosen for sustainable production methods and non toxic properties as well as good looks. Keeping it local with Bernie the builder, Justin the cabinet maker, our other fabulous tradies and building material suppliers was important. Rubbish from the build was recycled – much of it onsite.


Permaculture priniciples will deliver a health giving, beautiful, food forest and garden for our family, friends and guests to enjoy as it grows and develops. Thanks to Milkwood Permaculture, Earth Integral and Outscape Landscape Architects for the education, inspiration and plans.


Regenerative farming practices like Holistic grazing, combined with organic production methods, will see Girragirra’s capacity to grow an abundance of free range eggs and grass fed beef, lamb and pork dramatically increase; as will a healthy, biodiverse native wildlife and plant population.

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