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What a difference the season makes! Observations from some returning ‘friends of’ Girragirra

Our previous visits to Girragirra have been in winter or early spring so we anticipated a summer visit with a degree of trepidation – would we cope with the conditions? Our expectation was for a biscuit-dry, browned- off landscape being hammered by a baking sun and intense heat. We certainly found the heat, and travelled through some pretty dry country to get there, but our main impression was of luxuriant growth, be it prolific native grasses and shrubs or the fruit trees and vines now clothed in leaves and fruit. And the house seems to cope just as well in the summer conditions as it does at other times of the year; the fans and louvres worked a treat keeping things quite comfortable with only a slight boost from the aircon late in the day. Add in all those country ‘sounds of silence’ – frogs, crickets and birds – that form such a chorus after dark and in the early morning and it made for another perfect stay.

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