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Frances and Russell return!

FM’s Girragirra take-home story #1: Life’s a peach!

Our last trip to Girragirra yielded many things including a couple of buckets of freshly picked peaches and plums bought from the packing shed ‘just up the road’ – I just can’t describe the heady fragrance that accompanied us all the way back to Canberra in the car!

Being the townies that we are, it’s hard to source this kind of quality produce close to home and what we do get is usually in such small quantities that it’s quickly eaten with little opportunity for making jams or preserves. Earlier in the summer I had managed to make just a couple of jars of ‘Over the fence’ nectarine chutney, using mainly windfalls or bird-inspected fruit – quite yummy but not enough to ‘store’ and most has already been consumed. So it has been a real treat to have sufficient fruit to do a proper job.

Consequently the kitchen became a hive of activity most afternoons – something to really look forward to at the end of a busy ‘work’ day – for a week or so. Of course this coincided with a serious spell of hot weather – and one day a two-hour blackout led to some interesting results – but I suspect that is par for the course at this time of year when the fruit is happening and will just make the consumption satisfaction rating that bit higher!

This is how it happened and what we now have to look forward to….